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Mercedes EQS
Mercedes EQS

Mercedes EQS to offer simplified charge management with 'Plug & Charge' service

  • Using the Plug & Charge function, a Mercedes EQS will start charging as soon as a cable is plugged in at the station, and no further authentication will be required from the customer.

Mercedes-Benz is offering a simplified charging mechanism for its EQS electric sedan via the Mercedes me Charge function 'Plug & Charge'. Using this function, customers can initiate a straightforward charging process at suitable public charging stations.

The 'Plug & Charge' function allows the vehicle and the charging station to communicate directly via the charging cable. Thus, charging starts as soon as the charging cable is plugged in and no further authentication is required from the customer. Mercedes says that this makes vehicle charging as simple as charging one's smartphone.

The Mercedes me Charge customers also continue to get benefit from the integrated payment function that supports automatic payment. Once a customer chooses their preferred payment method, the amount is automatically debited during charging from next time, even abroad. All the individual charging fees are listed in the person's monthly invoice.

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Further, the Mercedes app as well as the navigation map provides information about a charging station's compatibility with Plug & Charge function. One can also search for specific and suitable public charging stations. The Plug & Charge authentication will initially be available at the IONITY rapid charging stations across Europe as well as at select stations in the US.

Representational photo of a Mercedes EV charging
Representational photo of a Mercedes EV charging

The Mercedes me Charge network consists of around 500,000 AC and DC charging points worldwide. It also facilitates green charging at all its public charging points in Europe.

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The Mercedes EQS, that is set for a global premiere on April 15, will also allow bidirectional charging in Japan. This mechanism of charging in both directions is the prerequisite for applications such as V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) and V2H (Vehicle-to-Home).

The CHAdeMO or Charge de Move charging standard in the country support bidirectional charging. The EQS can be used there as a power bank for energy from the home photovoltaic system or even supply the household with energy if there is a power failure.

  • First Published Date : 28 Mar 2021, 03:54 PM IST