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Bentley Motors has announced that it will run its in-house logistics on 100 per cent renewable fuels. This follows the installation of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuelling facilities at its site in Crewe.

The 34,000 litre ‘Green D+’ HVO tank and pump now fuels the ten logistics trucks that transfer parts between the carmaker's Crewe site and storage depot in Winsford on a daily basis as well as the over 20 smaller on-site security vehicles and delivery vans. The 250 plus forklift trucks and tow motors that are used inside the factory are already being charged with green electricity that is generated in part by Bentley’s 30,000 on-site solar panels.

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The HVO fuel is a second-generation premium biofuel that is made from renewable and sustainable sources such as waste fats, vegetables and oils. The switch will reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions from Bentley's logistics vehicles by over 86% compared to conventional fuel. It will also reduce nitrous oxide by up to 30% and particulates by up to 80%.

The biofuel can be used in the premium carmaker's existing vehicles without any additional modifications, maintenance or changes to operating procedure. Thus, making this a quick and effective way to reduce emissions from the existing fleet and improve air quality around site.

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Bentley estimates that its local vehicle movements will now utilise around 10,000 litres of biofuel per month. The carmaker says, of a total of almost 300,000 miles clocked up by in-house vehicles every year, over 250,000 miles of them will now effectively be emissions free.

Bentley says this is yet another step in its journey to becoming the most sustainable luxury automotive manufacturer. “The installation of our new HVO fuel facilities is the first on an automotive site of this size and it complements our existing strategy of generating solar PV and procuring green electricity perfectly," says Peter Bosch, Member of the Board for Manufacturing at Bentley.