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After introducing the new Model S, US electric car major Tesla is working on a new Model X. An updated Tesla Model X was spotted testing in California near the automaker's plant on Fremont. A video of the car has been uploaded online. This video has fuelled the speculation of an upcoming Tesla Model X Plaid.

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The details of the updated Model X is hard to be figured, as the video shows the car moving. The car doesn't have a licence plate. However, the wheels of the car and a glimpse of the cabin are visible in the video. That gives us an idea how the car is going to look like.

As it appears, the updated version of the Tesla flagship SUV will come with a radical and redesigned steering wheel that ditches conventional circular style. Instead, it adopts a Formula One car like steering that reminds us about the face of Koala. The car gets larger doors compared to the Model S.

Overall, the updated Tesla Model X looks pretty interesting. Considering it as a pre-production unit, the automaker might unveil the updated Model X to the public.

Tesla has listed the new Model X on its official website. Delivery of the electric SUV is expected to commence in January or February next year. Both the Long Range and Plaid variants will be on sale from early next year. However, Tesla has not revealed the exact date.

Interestingly, the developments around the updated Tesla Model X comes a few weeks later the new Tesla Model S launch. This comes exactly in line with the company's CEO Elon Musk's statement about the SUV. He previously said that the new Model X would enter the market a little later than the Model S Plaid.

  • First Published Date : 13 Jul 2021, 06:50 PM IST