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Citroen has launched the electric microcar Ami
Citroen has launched the electric microcar Ami

Meet Citroen Ami, a Nano-sized electric car that you can drive without a licence

  • Ami is designed for those who would like a car as cheap as possible and also be able to use it as a shared car.

The French automobile manufacturer Citroen has launched the Ami electric microcar. The vehicle, which is only 2.41 meters long, 1.39 wide and 1.52 meters high, is powered by a 6 kW electric motor, can do up to 45 kmph and cozy enough for just two people. The company says the microcar is aimed at younger customers and purely urban use for a price starting at 6,000 euros.

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The company also will offer the Ami microcar to customers for 19.99 euros per month through a long-term rental program.

Citroen sees the Ami as a "more intimate" alternative to public transport, which gives you more privacy and more comfort than on a two or three-wheeler, especially in bad weather or cold weather.

The range from the lithium-ion battery, deliberately kept compact at 5.5 kWh, is up to 70 kilometres, significantly more than what the average user would drive per day, as the provider emphasises: 45 kilometres. In addition, most of the cars in the city would still be driven on short distances of up to 25 kilometres.

Citroen Ami microcar
Citroen Ami microcar

Charging takes place via a household socket within three hours, but with the appropriate cable power can also be drawn from public charging stations. There is also the option of a 7.4 kW on-board charger that can be used to charge in an hour.

Accessories available include a central separation net, a storage net for the door, a mat, a storage compartment on the dashboard, a small hook for a handbag, a smartphone clip and the so-called DAT @ MI box (dongle) that comes with the My Citroen app installed on the smartphone is connected and retrieves important vehicle information.

Four main colors are available for the paintwork: gray, blue, orange and khaki. In addition, two decor packages are available, a sportier and a more fashion-oriented variant, and countless variations on the exterior design based on nine body elements.

Production of the car is being done at the company’s Moroccan plant in Kenitra, where expansion works have already begun that will allow it to double its capacity this year.

  • First Published Date : 28 Feb 2020, 08:21 AM IST