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Whenever we talk about cars, the discussion majorly revolves around the features, power, torque, performance, design, or pricing. One thing remains overlooked, which is comfort. A car is like a second home for many as drivers spent a large amount of time inside the cabin of a car, when outside their home. Hence, comfort is a necessity, not a concessional feature. Citroen, the French car brand that has entered the Indian market with its flagship SUV C5 Aircross is focusing on that only.

In a freewheeling chat to HT Auto, Roland Bouchara, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing India, Groupe PSA said that comfort is something that is the century-old car brand’s USP and the C5 Aircross delivers that only. According to him, the comfort for the driver and other occupants should be a priority in this Covid time. “In this tough time, something we all are concerned about is comfort, good health for ourselves and our family. This car will show the way how much comfortable, safe and secure we are," said Bouchara.

Saurabh Vatsa, Senior Director Citroën Marketing Operations & Corporate Communications, Citroen too echoed the same. He said that in the Indian auto market, nobody is talking about comfort, but luxury, features, pricing, etc. Citroen comes in at that point assuring comfort to the buyers. “Citroen C5 Aircross is our flagship SUV. It demonstrates everything that Citroen stands for. Comfort is our USP. That is why we have dubbed it as comfort class SUV," he further essayed.

Citroen aims to become a major player in the mainstream car market of the country within a few years. As Roland Bouchara said, currently only 2 brands (Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai) are dominating 65% of the market. “The situation will change very soon. Because the market is increasing. With our portfolio, we will be one of the major players within the next few years in the mainstream segment," he stated. The company also hints that they are targeting the middle-class buyers who are the major contributors to any mass-segment auto brand’s volume growth.

Despite being a new brand and tough competition in the Indian market, Citroen is confident about grabbing attention from the buyers. “Indian market is very receptive in terms of accepting the new brands and new products. As long as the right products are placed in the right segments, catering to the right consumers – they are bound to grow," said Saurabh Vatsa.