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In a fast changing world, traditional automotive giants are having to change their strategy to not just stay ahead of the curve but to also stay relevant. A prime example of this is performance car makers switching to electric power in a bid to evolve to the needs and aspirations of current times. And while Audi does offer the option of plug-in hybrid system in its Q5, Q7, A6, A7, and A8 in some markets, it is now reportedly planning to bring it to even its RS line of models which are known worldwide for their thrilling drive capabilities.

While many purists and traditionalists are not too pleased with the marriage of electric power with performance-oriented cars, the journey has already begun and Audi, perhaps, does not want to be left trailing too far behind. As such, plug-in hybrid systems in RS models was all about 'when' and not 'if.'

Ekkehard Kleindienst, Audi's head of Product and Technology Communications, recently hinted as much in an interview to Australia's Motoring. "These are really born and bred RS models… coming with a plug-in hybrid powertrain," he was quoted as saying. "And with that, we can of course increase efficiency, but also give the customer a quite new driving experience – namely a combination of an electric motor and combustion engine."

A plug-in hybrid system in RS models could open up a whole new list of doors for Audi and may even pave the way for all-electric drive systems in these vehicles at a future date.

Iconic sports car makers have already begun announcing completely battery powered versions of some of their most popular vehicles. And while this has triggered a debate about whether cars meant for speed and performance should get a change of heart, electric technology appears here to stay and flourish in what is a new normal in global automotive industry.