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Rapid charging in phones is a feature worth bragging about and this is fast catching up to be a trend in the world of electric mobility as well. With range anxieties gradually subsiding and technological advancements making electric vehicles (EVs) more capable in the real world, Lucid Air is aiming to offer the fastest recharge feature with its sedan reportedly capable of powering for 500 kilometres after only a 20-minute charge.

The Air sedan reportedly has a driving range of over 830 kilometres which, by itself, should be good enough to negate any fears of running out of charge. Lucid Motors however is taking things to the next level and wants to ensure that even when the charge does run out eventually, the sedan can be powered back within minutes.

The Air is the Newark-based company's biggest statement of intent and may be compatible with 300 kw of power supply. For reference, most EVs currently are compatible with up to 270 kW. Tesla's most affordable, and therefore most popular model, in Model 3 accepts power at 250 kW.

Lucid Air, however, aims to provide the dual benefit of having a huge per-charge range and a fast-charge option. Touted as being a luxury sedan, it is all set for a global unveil on September 9 and hopes to take the EV world by storm courtesy its striking looks and indulgent interiors, backed by what the company claims as the best EV driving experience ever. Additionally, the vehicle is also ready for the age of autonomous driving and can hit 100 kmph in a 'blink and miss' 2.5 seconds.

(Source: Insideevs)