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Indian FTR 1200 S
Indian FTR 1200 S

Indian Motorcycle selling brand new bikes at huge discounts. Here's why

  • Six different models from Indian Motorcycle are on-sale with discounts ranging up to 6.40 lakh. But there's a catch!

While mass market motorcycles makers might have figured way out to clear the unsold BS 4 inventory, the process isn't as simple for premium bike brands. It is because most of their products arrive as CBUs and once imported, they have to be sold to the customers one way or another.

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In the latest updates, Indian Motorcycle has announced the sale of its unsold BS 4 inventory at huge discounts. These motorcycles have already been registered with the Harayana (HR) RTO. So technically you will be the second customer (on paper). But at the same time, these are brand new container packed units with zero kms on odometer.

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Now the company is offering as much as 6.70 lakh discount on its bikes, depending up on the models.

The 2020 Scout is available at a discount of 3,57,266. The second in the list is the 2018 Scout Bobber which has been given a discount of 4,29,709. The 2019 FTR 1200 S is available at 3,84,780 discount, while the higher-spec FTR 1200 RR has been given a discount of 4,22,870. This is also a 2019 model since the bike was introduced last year only.

There is also a 2018 Chief Dark Horse which is been available at 6,70,966 discount.

A thorough original vs discounted price-list:

Select Indian Motorcycle bikes on heavy discounts
Select Indian Motorcycle bikes on heavy discounts

While the newly launched FTR 1200 S and RR are only the 2019 models and thus will find many takers, but the Scout Bobber and the Chief Dark Horse are older than that and will be sightly hard to sell, and hence are available with the most alluring benefits.

It goes without saying that the bikes will fly off-the shelves soon with such an offer. HT Auto has also found out that there are a total of just 13 units left currently and 9 of which are FTR 1200 S.

The company has also recently started accepting official bookings for the new 2020 Challenger in the Indian market. The bike will launch within next few weeks.

  • First Published Date : 13 May 2020, 05:16 PM IST