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Honda CB 350 RS (left) vs H'Ness CB 350 (right)
Honda CB 350 RS (left) vs H'Ness CB 350 (right)

Honda CB 350 RS vs H'Ness CB 350: Five key differences explained

  • While both the Honda bikes share the same engine and platform, some of the main elements on the CB 350 RS are different than its technical counterpart.

Honda is ramping up its premium motorcycle portfolio in India. After the launch of Hornet 2.0 bike which retails from its Redline dealerships, the company rolled out the H'Ness CB 350, which was closely followed by the CB 350 RS. While both the bikes share the same engine, platform and frame, some of the key elements have been updated with the introduction of the CB 350 RS. Read on to find out five key differences in both the 350 cc bikes from Honda.


New colours: The Honda CB 350 RS has been introduced in two new color options – Radiant Red Metallic and Black with Pearl Sports Yellow. These options are different from what's currently on offer on its donor model. While there is a difference in terms of overall colour options, the design too has been tweaked thanks to the new body panels, seat and revamped tail section.


No Honda Smartphone Voice Control (HSVC) feature: Honda has removed the Smartphone Voice Control (HSVC) feature from the CB 350 RS bike, although, the same is offered in the DLX Pro variant of the H'Ness CB 350. In addition to that, the CB 350 RS also losses out on the USB port feature which is found on the H'Ness.


New seat and tail light: The RS spec model gets a tuck and roll seat which as per Honda improves overall comfort during long rides. Moreover, even the tail light design has been tweaked to give the RS spec model a more intimidating appeal.


Same design, minus chrome: The CB 350 RS basically features a similar overall design and layout, albeit with a different colour theme. Apart from that, also the chrome detailing has been significantly reduced on the sportier version of H'Ness.


Fatter, rugged tyres: The new RS version of the CB 350 motorcycle features wider tyres with block pattern. These are completely different from the road-focused tyres offered on its retro classic counterpart. Moreover, the wheel sizes are also different on the CB 350 RS.

Apart from these changes, both the bikes remain more or less the same.

  • First Published Date : 15 Mar 2021, 05:17 PM IST