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Virtual Mercedes-AMG Project One Forza Horizon Edition.
Virtual Mercedes-AMG Project One Forza Horizon Edition.

This video game features Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar in near reality

  • Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft have partnered to create Mercedes-AMG Project One Forza Horizon Edition for the Forza Horizon 5 gameplay.

  • In the real world, the automaker will make only 275 units of Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft have collaborated to give video game enthusiasts a chance to experience the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar. At the all-digital Gamescom 2021, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios showcased the all-new Forza Horizon 5 gameplay with the Mercedes-AMG Project One ‘Forza Horizon Edition’ as its highlight. The hyper-realistic video game will recreate the landscape of Mexico where players can zoom through this highly realistic hypercar.

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz shared that this will give players a realistic experience of driving the ultimate top model from the brand. The hypercar's virtual acceleration, braking, steering and agility as well as active aerodynamics corresponding to the features of the future road model will delight video game lovers, said the automaker.

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The teamwork between Mercedes-AMG and Microsoft’s Forza team has led to the creation of an exclusive livery for the hypercar which will not be available for purchase in the real world. Players can also configure the hypercar and choose any colour for it. The makers have minutely recreated the active aerodynamics of the hypercar. With a massive power of 1,000 hp and a digital top speed of over 350 kmph, this virtual hypercar will give gamers a thrill close to actual racing.

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The two-door virtual hypercar can be driven in two different ‘Track’ and ‘Road’ driving programmes in the game. It can masterfully conquer the dusty tracks as well as the asphalt tracks of Mexico, conveyed the company. Chairman of the board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH Philipp Schiemer said that although in the real world, Mercedes-AMG Project One is strictly limited to 275 units, this collaboration will help the automaker to let more people experience this car. “Thanks to our close cooperation with Microsoft, we can now virtually offer the unique driving experience of our hypercar to a large group of enthusiasts in the best and most impressive way currently available on the gaming scene," he shared.

  • First Published Date : 29 Aug 2021, 03:40 PM IST