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A Porsche Macan ended up hanging through a wall at a multi-story parking lot after the owner, a professional Russian ice hockey player, lost control of the vehicle while trying to park it inside the garage.

Denis Kazionov, who was driving the SUV with his wife in the passenger seat and his son in the backseat, told local media that his Macan crashed through the wall on the third floor of the sky-high parking due to its floors being slippery, RT reported. "It was an open parking area with just one wall on one side. The floor was smooth, as in many shopping centers. Plus, it was covered with snow," the 33-year-old hockey player was quoted as saying. "I put on the brake but the car wouldn’t stop. It continued moving until we crashed into the wall. We were in utter shock."

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Several images and videos of the car stuck through the wall have been shared on social media. These show the front portion of the vehicle along with its wheels dangling at the edge of the parking lot. Thankfully, the vehicle did not fall down probably due to the external framing of the parking structure.

Later, the Porsche was pulled out of the wall with the help of experts. Fortunately, neither the driver nor his family members were injured. The car did not sustain serious damages but there certainly might be a need to fix its windshield and the bumper. There possibly has been damages on its radiator and undertray.

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Some images showed the back portion of the car that was on the other side of the wall and inside the parking lot. Apparently, there wasn't much damage cause to the vehicle's rear.

Evidently, driving on smooth concrete floor that is covered in snow is not an easy task.