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The SSC Tuatara currently holds the record for being the fastest production car anywhere in the world but not quite contend in holding on to records, there are now two additional variant models of the ultimate car that, hold your breadth, make it even more powerful. SSC North America recently announced that the Tuatara - Tuatara Striker and Tuatara Aggressor. With a clear and unequivocal focus on track handling and high-downforce capabilities, the two variants seek to enhance the existing performance capabilities while adapt additional aerodynamic features.

The Tuatara Striker draws a clear inspiration from fighter jets and its downforce has been increased thrice over by making use of a high downforce fixed wing, active rear wing, vertical stabilizer and augemented diffuser at the back. Other updates like directionally vaned side rockers, a large frontal splitter and integrated frontal dive planes balance the downforce. Under the hood is the same thunderous SSC Twin-Turbo V8 engine that is found in the baseline Tuatara. This means max output of 1,750 hp.

But if there is an even greater need for speed, it is the Tuatara Aggressor that is to really watch out for. There is an option to upgrade the monstrous SSC Twin-Turbo V8 engine to have max output of 2,200 hp. Built exclusively for the track, and understandably so, this hypercar gets several other updates that aren't on the street-legal versions of Tuatara.

Of course, ample use of carbon fiber has been made - both inside and out, while on the Aggressor, the exhaust sound can also be tuned and adjusted in ways that can't be on the other two models. Unfortunately, SSC doesn't offer any further explanation on this particular aspect.

SSC does confirm though that just 10 units of Tuatara Aggressor will be made while a total of 100 units of Tuatara and Tuatara Striker will be manufactured.