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Toyota Corolla has been on roads around the world for years and years. And years. The reliable workhorse of a sedan from the Japanese has been trusted by millions and for good reason. And the list of reasons can now be added with the new 2020 Corolla's five-star safety rating given by Latin NCAP authority.

In a recent on cam test conducted by Latin NCAP, a new vehicle evaluation program in Latin American and the Caribbean, the 2020 Corolla came out shattered - but only in appearance on the outside. Thanks primarily to its seven airbag setup and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) feature, the Corolla - now in its 12th generation - managed to secure five stars for adult and child occupant protection. While it secured 29.41 points from a maximum possible 34 points for adult protection, it managed 45 out of a max of 49 points for child safety.

The test itself from Latin NCAP subjects vehicles to three forms of crashes. This includes a front offset crash at 64 kmph, a side-impact crash and a side-pole impact test.

Corolla 2020 has managed to set a high bar in sedans in terms of safety and is likely to build on the reputation built by its immediate predecessors to rake up the numbers. While it is offered in two engine options in Brazil and some other western markets, the new Corolla won't be coming in to India as Toyota has reportedly opted to now look away from this segment in India. The faltering numbers in the executive sedan segment may have prompted the company's decision with even the new Honda Civic, although leading the category in terms of sales, has failed to make a mark.