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Screengrab courtesy video posted on Twitter by @poliziadistato
Screengrab courtesy video posted on Twitter by @poliziadistato

Watch: Lamborghini Huracan cop car puts speed to use to transport vital organ

  • A Lamborghini Huracan in Italian police force raced from Rome to Gemelli University Hospital with a donor kidney.

  • The distance of 489 kilometres was covered in just two hours by the Huracan.
  • The supercar was fitted with a special refrigeration unit to safely store the organ.

Speed kills but it can also save lives. The latter was proven when a Lamborghini Huracan in the service of Italian police raced to a hospital to deliver a vital life-saving organ. A video of the supercar making use of all of its engineering capabilities for this noble cause was shared by the police department in the country and has been widely shared and, more importantly, widely appreciated by netizens.

The gleaming Lamborghini Huracan in the blue colours of Italian police and emergency lights on top powered its way from Rome to Gemelli University Hospital where a key vital organ was required on an emergency basis. While helicopters are usually almost always deployed for such tasks, it is reported that this particular hospital did not have a helipad and therefore, a supercar was felt as the next best option.

That Lamborghini products are rather common in Italian police force means that speed on wheels - as much as is possible - was sorted. With emergency lights and siren blaring, a Huracan - specially fitted with a refrigeration unit - was then tasked with the duty of ensuring the organ reached the medical professionals in time.

For the record, the Huracan has 602 hp of power and this particular unit made full use of it to cover the distance of over 489 kilometres between the Italian capital city and the hospital in just two hours. That is an average speed of a blazing fast 233 kmph. It is reported that a regular vehicle following all road rules would take around five hours to cover the same distance.

The Twitter post by the Italian police - in local language - underlined that while this may have been a supercar, no superpower is needed to save lives. "We transported a donor's kidney in time for a transplant to a person, thanks to our Lamborghini Huracan," the post translated to English read. "To save a life you don't need superpowers." Solidarity, technology, and efficiency also help."

  • First Published Date : 30 Nov 2020, 06:51 PM IST