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Mercedes-Benz partnered with Disney to develop Vision AVTR concept.
Mercedes-Benz partnered with Disney to develop Vision AVTR concept.

Drive with your mind: Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept responds to thoughts

  • Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR has taken inspiration from the movie AVTR.

  • Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR was first displayed at the CES 2020.

It seems the day is not far away when the cars can be operated by just thoughts. Yes. Mercedes-Benz has been working on the technology for quite some time now. The German luxury car brand even has a new variant of a concept car that was first showcased in CES 2020.

Yes, we are talking about the Vision AVTR concept that not only comes with a visually crazy design but a wide range of technologies as well.

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The carmaker has now unveiled a new version of the Vison AVTR concept car at the IAA 2021 show in Munich, Germany. The automaker claims that the new Vision AVTR comes with a Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) device that the driver has to wear when inside the car. The BCI headgear will need a little calibration and it will record and measure brain activities.

The concept car’s digital dashboard comes with multiple dots of light, each associated with different functions that can be ordered to the car and the technology will work when the user focuses his or her mind on a particular dot of light. The BCI unit will sense that and issue the appropriate command to the car's system.

This is quite like Professor Charles Xavier, the mentor and leader of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe. Remember him using Cerebro to locate people? The BCI device of the Vision AVTR concept car is not as complex as the one he used to wear, but it gets electrodes that are meant to be attached to the back of the user's head.

Besides this unique technology, the design of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is identical to the one displayed at the 2020 CES in Las Vegas. Mercedes-Benz has developed this concept in collaboration with Disney. The concept takes inspiration from the movie Avatar. However, the name AVTR of this concept stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation.

The car comes with a stretched single-bow design. Mercedes claims the design language combines the exterior and interior of this concept into an emotional whole. It has used sustainable materials such as vegan Dinamica leather made from recycled materials, organic and composite battery technology etc. The car's back gets 33 bionic flaps that can communicate with other cars, using naturally flowing movements.

Inside the cabin, it doesn't get a conventional steering wheel. Instead, it comes with a multifunction steering control element at the centre console. The cabin comes to life whenever the occupant puts his or her hand on the console. The vehicle can detect and recognise the passenger by his or her heart rate.

  • First Published Date : 07 Sep 2021, 10:03 AM IST