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The cyberpunk-themed Tesla Cybertruck seems to have found stiff competition from a bunch of Russian YouTubers who have come up with their own replica of Elon Musk's over 40k USD electric vehicle, reported the New York Post website.

The fine craftsmen from the channel named Pushka Garahz chose a LADA hatchback as a platform for the knock off. The Russians then tore down the whole LADA and turned it into angular, edgy and silver, basically something that looks like the newly launched Cybertruck.

The not-so-neat sheet metal body and oversized Tesla hubcaps make it slightly difficult for the replica to keep its disguise and adding to that, it lacks any sort of functioning doors so the passengers have to crawl into the vehicle through the rear hatch.

The Cybertruck is slated for launch 2021 and has already received 250,000 pre-orders to date.

The YouTubers plan to sell their creation for 11,000 dollars, which is 28,000 shy of the original Tesla's base model.

Doesn't sound like a bad bargain anymore!

This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text. Only the headline has been changed.