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Tata Motors on Wednesday announced the official launch of 'Connect with SOUL', the online community version of SOUL which is meant for Tata SUV owners. Recognizing that the community has been unable to come together due to the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic, the company says the digital platform of the official community will enable owners to 'strengthen ties' even through lockdown days.

SOUL (SUV Owners United League) is a special program from Tata Motors that seeks to bring together customers of the car maker.

The 'Connect with SOUL' platform will offer several webinar sessions and is available for more than 15,000 registered members of the community. Tata Motors, in a press statement, further added that the digital platform will also offer virtual experiences, DIY workshops that include vehicle maintenance, skill sessions, etc.

Vivek Srivatsa, Head, Marketing, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, said that even those who may have purchased an SUV recently can now become a part of the community. "Through Connect with SOUL, we are elated to provide our community members with a platform to engage and bond thereby improving their SUV owning experience," he said. "This will also give an opportunity for new members to experience the same spirit through the fun-filled, experiential webisodes."