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Dacia Spring is sold in several European markets and Indians on a trip abroad would easily recognize it as a car that is very, very similar in looks to the Renault Kwid found on roads here. But why mention Dacia Spring all of a sudden? Well, the car is all set to become one of the most affordable battery-powered options in select European markets which also raises queries on whether it is time for Renault Kwid to also pack in a battery here in India.

Dacia Spring is a cousin to Renault City K-ZE which is manufactured in China and this car, in turn, is based on Renault Kwid. Little wonder then that the cars look very similar to one another but it is what the Dacia Spring EV is packing within than makes it quite special and worth a look.


799 cc|Petrol|Manual
Ex-showroom price
₹5,41,200* Onwards


998 cc|Petrol|Manual
Ex-showroom price
₹5,22,519* Onwards


1196 cc|Petrol|Manual
Ex-showroom price
₹5,22,519* Onwards

The five-door compact vehicle, as per Dacia, has a range of around 230 kilometres and gets a starting price of around 12,400 Euros in France (approximately 10.50 lakh). This figure includes local EV bonus offered by the country's government. The EV equivalent of this car in China is even more affordable due to the long list of incentives offered here.

With a 26.8 kilowatt-hour battery within, Dacia Spring isn't the flashiest or won't be a marathon runner. But it is not claiming to be either. What it does seek to be though is a viable city commute option for European customers who are looking to make the switch away from petrol and/or diesel vehicles.

The Dacia Spring EV does make one wonder if Renault in India too should join the electric bandwagon here and pack in a battery inside the Kwid. Currently, options in the affordable EV segment are limited even though there has been increased movement in the luxury segment in recent times.

  • First Published Date : 13 Mar 2021, 11:09 AM IST