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MG ZS EV facelift gets a front fascia minus any grille.
MG ZS EV facelift gets a front fascia minus any grille.

MG unveils ZS EV facelift, promises 439 km range

  • MG has updated its ZS EV for international markets with a number of changes.

MG Motor has updated its ZS EV sold in global markets with a number of significant changes of which a per-charge range improvement to a figure of 439 kms seeks to stand out. While MG Motor India also sells the ZS EV here, there is no word yet about if and when the updated model will touch down on Indian shores.

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The MG ZS EV sold in foreign markets like the UK now gets updates such as a new infotainment system and a larger battery pack which claims to give the electric car a better performance and longer range.

The front profile of the MG ZS EV electric SUV has received a significant change. It gets new sharper LED headlamps and taillights, similar to the ICE powered ZS. The car also ditches the grille and replaces a covered plate. The front bumper too has been updated and side intakes come with sleek cuts.

The overall design appears aerodynamically more efficient compared to the current model on sale in India. The rear profile too gets a slight change as well. It also comes with redesigned alloy wheels adding more visual appeal.

Inside the cabin too the updated MG ZS EV comes with a host of changes. There is a 10.1-inch display with a new MG iSMART infotainment system. It gets new features, remote control functions and more connectivity options, claims the British car brand. A new instrument cluster and wireless charging technology have been introduced as well.

The biggest update introduced to the electric SUV is on the powertrain front. It gets a larger 72 kWh battery pack that ensures a longer range without recharge. It is claimed to be capable of running 439 km on a single charge, as compared to 262 km offered by the existing model. MG also said that a 51 kWh battery pack with a 318 km range will join the lineup later in 2022.

Updated MG ZS EV gets four-stage indicator LEDs inside the charging port. This offers a view of the charging status. The car gets a combination of Type 2 and CCS chargers providing fast charging capability using an onboard AC charger.

  • First Published Date : 08 Oct 2021, 11:18 AM IST