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German auto giant Mercedes Benz seems to be on an electric offensive these days. Since the beginning of the year, the German car manufacturer has been unveiling cars in its electric vehicle line-up EQ, one after the other. It has already showcased cars like the EQA, EQB, EQC and EQS to the world. There is one more, called the EQT that will break covers next month. A fifth, that will be known as the EQE, has now been spotted testing at the Nurburgring tracks in Germany.

The new EQE electric sedan is expected to be unveiled in September this year during the Munich Motor Show. It is likely to be offered with five seats and two electric motors with all-wheel drive.

The Mercedes EQE is being developed as an electric car that can take on EV rivals like the Tesla Model S. The EQE will be the second electric vehicle from Mercedes which will be based on the dedicated EVA2 electric platform.

Although it will have similar dimensions to the E-Class, it will have nothing in common with the ICE model from the German stable. According to reports, Mercedes has been working a lot on aerodynamics of the EQE that may increase efficiency and the range of the electric vehicle.

Since EQE will be based on the same EVA2 platform that is used in EQS, several technical details are already known about the electric vehicle. There will be an 11 KW AC type 2 charger as standard, the 22 KW on-board charger will be available as an option. As in the EQS, the MBUX Hyperscreen will be available as an option.

While the EQS uses batteries with 10 (90 kWh) and 12 (107.8 kWH) modules, the EQE will have batteries with 8 and 10 modules. The EQS has a longer wheelbase of 3.21m, while the EQE will be a bit more compact than that.

Mercedes has already confirmed that the electric sedan will be produced at the Bremen plant in Germany. An SUV variant of this model is also likely to be offered after the EQE is introduced in 2022.