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Mahindra Thar 2020 is all set for an official launch on October 2. The SUV promises to carry forward its rich legacy of tackling a wide variety of terrains while now also offering a relatively comfortable cabin and several features. And while official price structure is not yet known, the first-ever unit of the new Thar was recently auctioned for a whopping 1.11 crore.

What is so special about Mahindra Thar Number 1 that it managed to command such a high price in what was an intensely fought auction? And why is the winning amount important? Read on.

Mahindra Thar 2020 Number 1 will go to the winner of the online auctions which came to an end late Tuesday. The auction and the car itself was won by Akash Minda from New Delhi. While the amount of 1.11 crore is quite a total to pay for the special Thar, the money would be donated to either Naadi Foundation, Swadesh Foundation or PM CARES fund - based on which is chosen by Minda. Moreover, this amount will be matched by the car maker as it looks to help out in the fight against Covid-19.

So while the auction itself was for a really noble cause, what does the winner of the auction now get?

Thar Number 1 will come with a special badge that will announce its exclusive rank and status. It will also get the initials of the owner and carry number '1' on the dashboard and leatherette seats.

While the auction for this special unit of Thar was intense, and for a good cause, others looking to get behind the wheels of this SUV can do so from October 2 onward when Thar 2020 is officially launched.

Offered in both petrol and diesel engine options, Thar 2020 seeks to appeal to a wider audience rather than a niche base of enthusiasts. Therefore, it also offers an option to choose between a manual and automatic transmission, LX or VX variants, hard-top, soft-top or convertible, etc.