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45 years after its debut, Hyundai has revived an old classic from its stable - the Pony - and has unveiled a Hyundai Pony Heritage Series. This model is a retro-modern reconstruction of the original 1975 Pony that can be seen in the “Reflections in Motion" exhibition, held at the new Hyundai Motorstudio in Busan, South Korea.

In an effort to pay tribute to the classic, Hyundai has made a lot of changes and has turned it into a retro-looking electric car. The exercise involved equipping the vehicle with a series of elements typical of today's cars, from the exterior paint to the finishes and available technology. The car even has 'pixel' type LED lights like those seen in the recently launched Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Based on a first generation Hyundai Pony (1975-1982), this heritage car has a silver paint in matte finish. At the front, a simpler design bumper has been used, without the plastic anti-impact buffers, gray in colour. Added to this are camera mirrors mounted in the middle of the front fenders, 15-inch metal wheels, round 'pixel' front lights and ' U' shaped taillights with 'Pixel Road Trip' design, both with LED technology.

The most striking thing is the reinterpretation of the front, since the classic "HD" logo is now backlit. The round headlights with LED technology have chrome housings. The chrome wheels also have a retro design, but are significantly wider than the original model.

The interior has also been completely transformed, but respecting the classic style of the original model. It includes top quality materials, added to the instrument panel with speed meters made with illuminated vacuum tubes. There is no lack of an LED lighting system for the cabin.

In addition, there are other modern technology present inside the reborn Pony. It features a digital touch transmission, cell phone storage, and a new multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel with voice control.

Hyundai did not confirm details regarding the powertrain of the Pony Heritage Series. But one of its designers confirmed that it has a 100% electric motor.

Unfortunately, this car is not meant for production and no one will see the return of the old Pony back on road. It is just an additional boost to promote the new Ioniq 5.