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Changing times have compelled many iconic car makers to move away from their comfort zones and adapt to the demands of a new world that has widely different needs and aspirations. An emphasis on SUVs, a push towards alternate fuel sources and even autonomous driving have either already taken center stage or promise to do so. As such, Ferrari may find itself at automotive crossroads in its plans to take on a dramatically changing market. Is an electric supercar, then, just around the next bend?

Not in the foreseeable future at the very least.

Ferrari may be changing its game in a few definite ways but electric is not part of its immediate plans. An iconic company which had previously refused to ever go into the SUV business is now gearing up to showcase its first-ever SUV - Purosangue, in 2021. But the change in path towards SUVs does not mean it is also ready to go the electric way.

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Ferrari's chief marketing and commercial officer Enrico Galliera recently said in an interview to Autocar UK that no EV could be expected from his company for at least five years, effectively putting to rest rumours of patent filing. “There are some competitors entering the market with new technology that we will look at, but will that be a problem to Ferrari? I think not, because of the specific niche Ferrari targets," he said.

Galliera has highlighted how battery technology currently available is not good enough for Ferrari cars. "We firmly believe that battery technology is not yet developed enough to meet the needs of a supercar. In the next five years, we do not believe the technology will be able to meet the needs of a Ferrari," he said.

It is not that Ferrari does not want to explore EV options, especially with several European countries firming plans to go all-electric by 2030s and 2040s. Galliera has said that the development of an all-electric Ferrari would depend on development of technology.

Several iconic sports car makers have turned to electric power with Porsche offering Taycan EV, Automobili Pininfarina having the Pininfarina Battista in its lineup, Lotus showcasing Evija and Lamborghini firming plans for Sián, its first hybrid supercar. This is apart from the likes of Tesla, BMW and others who either already have an electric offering or are close to offering one.