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Ford Motor has officially revealed the first look at the upcoming 2021 F-150 pickup truck. The carmaker will officially launch one of the most talked about pickup trucks on June 25.

The teaser image, which captures the new F-150 pickup in a silhouette, gives a hint at the amount of changes it has gone through. The most prominent of them is the new LED headlight cluster shining bright. It shows a new design signature of the pickup truck popular in United States.

The shape of the headlight cluster is like a bracket, much like the new generation Super Duty trucks, and runs from top of the bonnet. It also houses a small fog lamp cluster at the base, aligned with the headlights, completing the bracket shape.

Though the image shared by Ford keeps the rest of the pickup truck in the dark, the shape of the 2021 F-150 looks larger than the current model. It seems the new pickup will sport a bigger grille than one seen in the previous generation models.

A closer look will reveal how square the F-150 face is, as well as the inflated hood. The new model will have a digital instrument panel and a larger screen for the entertainment and information system. The 2021 Ford F-150 is likely to come with a hybrid and an electric version as well.

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There is no more detail about the new Ford pickup that can be revealed from the image shared by the carmaker. According to Reuters, Ford is not taking big risks with the exterior look of the new truck given its sales dominance, instead focusing on improving the interior.

F-150 pickup trucks contribute a major portion to the carmaker’s sales figures in United States. In 2019 the F-Series of the American brand recorded sales of about 900,000 vehicles, at a time when all of its models across Europe sold 1.33 million. This alone shows the importance of the F-150 and the F-Series in general in Ford's bottomline.

Ford has borrowed more than $20 billion to ride out the economic shock from the coronavirus pandemic. Profit from the new F-150 will be key to paying that money back.

The F-Series truck has been around since 1948, while the F-150 debuted in 1975. Sales of the current version have remained strong despite its age, and the new model could help Ford hold or even build its position in the segment, said Sandy Munro, chief executive of Michigan-based consulting firm Munro & Associates.

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