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Nissan Ariya Concept EV. (Photo courtesy Nissan USA)
Nissan Ariya Concept EV. (Photo courtesy Nissan USA)

CES 2020: Nissan's concept EV Ariya may give sleepless nights to Tesla

  • Nissan showcased Ariya EV concept at CES 2020 and the car may hit production lines by 2021.

Nissan won accolades aplenty with the Leaf electric vehicle when it was launched a few years ago in several global markets. In the fast growing EV segment dominated mostly by Tesla, the Leaf proved to be a more affordable option while every bit as reliable. Looking to build on that success, the Japanese company is reportedly set to take its concept EV - Ariya, to the production stage and emerge as an extremely strong player in the more premium EV space.

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First showcased as a prototype in 2019, Nissan took the covers off Ariya at the ongoing CES 2020 in Las Vegas. While the Leaf is a sedan, the Ariya is more of a crossover hatch which claims to have a range of around 300 miles (480 kms).

With sharp lines, futuristic curve plates and a steady stand, the Ariya is quite the looker but Nissan is highlighting its capabilities - both drive and convenience - to make a solid case for the car which could hit the production line by 2021. For starters, the Ariya will be an all-wheel drive (AWD), will make use of regenerative braking to conserve and resupply power, and to take on the likes of Tesla Model 3, features ProPilot 2.0 which would make it reasonably capable of driving itself.

Nissan's ProPilot 2.0 system essentially promises to have a car capable of automatic emergency braking, detecting pedestrians, issue lane departure warning and have adaptive cruise control. It largely means that the driver will need to closely monitor the car even though it engages a 'hands off' mode.

ith ProPilot 2.0, the Ariya promises to push the boundaries of what cars of the future could look like. All of its features, reports claim, can be controlled by a smartphone which would add to the convenience of the owner and passengers.

Likely to be made available in three models, the Ariya could be priced at around $40,000, say several reports in the US media.

  • First Published Date : 10 Jan 2020, 09:29 AM IST