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Toyota Motor has announced that it has sold 3 million hybrid vehicles in Europe. Toyota Spain has delivered the three millionth hybrid vehicle - a Toyota Corolla GR Sport - on Monday.

The three millionth hybrid Toyota vehicle was sold to a Spanish customer named Nicolas Jimenez. He explained that he chose a Toyota hybrid car because it circulates regularly in downtown Madrid: “Today, with the restrictions to access in many cities, a hybrid is essential. I have not considered any other option because Low Emission Zones (ZFEs) will be implemented not only in cities like Madrid or Barcelona but also in many others. "

The UK-made Corolla GR Sport sets itself apart from the rest of the Corolla family with its sporty design inspired by the racing world.

Toyota Motor Europe began marketing hybrid vehicles in 2000 with the Toyota Prius. Today, customers can choose from a range of 20 different hybrid models from Toyota and Lexus brands. In 2019, this technology represented 52% of total sales volume in Europe and 63% in Western Europe.

Toyota is the pioneer and leader in hybrid technology, thus becoming the manufacturer with the lowest CO 2 emissions . By operating more than 50% of the time in electric mode, Toyota hybrids are an affordable, practical and increasingly popular solution for more environmentally friendly mobility.

“The milestone of three million hybrid vehicles sold is an important step because it shows customers' interest in this technology. The success of hybrid sales puts Toyota on track to meet the target of 95g CO 2 / km set by the European Commission for 2020 and 2021, "said Matt Harrison, Executive Vice President of TME.

The Group has sold more than 15 million hybrid vehicles around the world, preventing the release of more than 120 million tonnes of CO 2 . Toyota's hybrid technology is at the heart of its strategy to provide more environmentally friendly cars and encompasses plug-in hybrid vehicles, battery-electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.