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'It's amazing': SUVs can wait as Toyota says its sedans are still going strong

  • Toyota says the US market is still lucrative in the sedan space and that demand here is robust.

Americans love their big pickups and SUVs. Some say the bigger the better and that's quite a boisterous claim. And yet, the growing affection towards SUVs and other large vehicles is not coming at the cost of sedans. Not for Toyota and not in the US anyway.

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This has been highlighted by Toyota which offers sedans that sell like hotcakes here and show no signs of giving space to larger vehicles in the forseeable future.

Sedans have maintained their ground in the US market in recent times, if not built upon it. And despite SUVs and pickup trucks being the hot favourite, sedans from brands like Toyota repeatedly make it to the list of most-selling passenger vehicles. "It’s amazing how much of a demand there still is for sedans," Toyota's Cynthia Tenhouse was quoted as saying by Motor1. "We’re expecting a 4 million-unit market for sedans in 2020. We’re happy to take as much of that market as we can. For us, it represents roughly 750,000 in the US That’s more than some other OEMs sell altogether."

Toyota sedans like Camry and Corolla are common sight on US roads and provide a comfortable, loaded as well as affordable option to prospective buyers. Little wonder then that the Japanese car maker is pushing forward to bring in the updated 2021 Camry while rivals are digging in as well to ready their competing products as well. Hyundai is prepping the updated Sonata while Honda's Accord and Civic are also popular here.

It is important to also point out here that while Toyota may still be driving sedan volumes, the segment has had low points in recen times. In 2019, for instance, as many as seven of the top-10 selling passenger vehicles in the US were SUVs or trucks. Among the several reasons for this are that manufacturers are concentrating more on bigger vehicles and more product options often translate to more sales. Even then, the decline observed in other markets - for sedans - is more drastic than the one in the US, and OEMs like Toyota expect its own sedans to continue forging a path forward.

  • First Published Date : 12 Aug 2020, 10:19 AM IST