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Your next Yamaha dream bike may be powered by an electric motor as the company has moved into the fast lane to usher in a new age of cleaner mobility. While electric mobility in cars have been taking huge strides, the pace is almost as quick in the two-wheeler space and Yamaha, it would seem, is determined not to be left far behind.

Yamaha's electric motorcycle division recently gave an insight into its electric motor technology and showcased a 35 kW motor that has the potential of making its way into its motorcyles in the near future. "We developed EV motors first with our motorcycles, and we’ve continued that work, but also combined the know-how from our engines to create these new units," explains Yamaha's Takashi Hara in the video. "The 35 kW unit was developed for all small mobility applications, including motorcycles."

There is also a larger 150 kw motor which can potentially make way into rear-wheel drive electric cars in the future without adding to the bulk weight of the vehicle. "We thought making the units compact was paramount. Using our casting technology for the housings enables an extremely compact design. This all results in a very small unit overall," says Hara.

Compact electric motor would make most sense for motorcycles as it could potentially improve performance while not adding much in terms of weight or dimensions. That Yahama is also developing larger motors with an eye on compact dimensions is a statement of intent.

Reports suggest that Yamaha could offer these motors to rival companies, apart from - quite obviously - equipping its own products as well. Either or both ways, Yamaha has jumped the electric bandwagon and appears determined to charge ahead.