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Royal Enfield bikes are hugely popular among custom bike builders for the fact that these bikes provide an array of customisation options and are fairly simple to work on.

These bike can be modded to any form be it chopped-off bobber style, cafe racer, flat tracker or off-road friendly scramblers. Here are a few tips in case you are looking forward to get your Royal Enfield customised.

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Select your style:

Your bike defines the kind of rider you are. If you love going off-roads you can choose a scrambler type lay out, on the other hand, if you like swinging into corners a cafe racer design will suit you the best. So make sure that you choose the type which you like the most.

After market accessories:

There are a plethora of brands which make aftermarket products for Royal Enfield bikes such as exhaust, seats, LED blinkers etc. Chose the items which sync in with the style you are looking forward to carve on your bike. If you are unable to find a specific accessory online, make sure to give your local bike market a visit.

Performance updates:

Apart from completely transforming the exteriors, you can also go for some performance upgrades which include tweaking the suspension rods, installing new performance air filter, changing to a different grade of engine oil, changing rubbers, and fitting a performance exhaust. This will certainly change the mechanics of your bike.

Not to forget that bringing any structural change on the bike will seriously alter the way it behaves. So it is always recommended that you keep its frame, swingwarm etc. stock while implement most of the changes to the body panels.

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Legal vs Illegal modifications:

Make sure that what ever modifications you are adding on the bike shouldn't be illegal or else it can get you into trouble. Loud exhausts, hooter horns, HID lights are some of the examples of illegal modifications. In the case of some extreme modifications your bike may not be deemed fit for public roads, so be mindful of the upgrades.