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Be it in life-size or in miniature, a Lamborghini supercar never fails to turn heads. Case in point is a wood carving expert who has created a 1:13 scale model of the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador S, right from ground up and entirely from wood. The miniature looks like an exact replica of its bigger and real world sibling as it gets minute details and functional features.

The artist from the Woodworking Art YouTube channel is famous for making incredible wooden scale models of vehicles and the Aventador S is his latest work. The supercar features a carved out engine with a functional engine cover, moving scissor doors, a complete interior and chassis with functional springs. Other minute details include the front and rear headlights, rear wing and the red brake calipers. "The standout feature of this car is the flip-up wing and the black woodwork," the artist wrote in the YouTube video description of the miniature car.

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The wheels and tyres of the wooden vehicle have also been carved out from the scratch and also feature the original car's complex spoke design. The front and rear fascias of the wooden model feature all the smaller details of its life-size sibling. The artist uses a chisel to carve out all the exterior air vents of the car and even draws out the parking sensors at the rear.

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The artist has used Fujian cypress wood type with a glossy coating to create the wooden masterpiece. He started building the car by first carving out the Aventador's basic shape before going on to refine and fine-tune the exterior with a drill and a chisel. Once the main bodywork is ready, he goes on to add other parts to it, such as the black wooden layers on the windshield and the rear wing, the engine cover, the side doors, interior seats and steering wheel. He attaches the wheels and spokes to the chassis with movable springs, allowing the miniature to move. There's also an 'Aventador S' label at the rear and the Lamborghini logo at the front.