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At a time when the world is going into self-imposed quarantine or isolation in a bid to fight the coronavirus pandemic, getting a car serviced or repair may be quite low on the list of priorities. Tesla, however, is taking no chances for customers who do indeed require assistance and has introduced 'No Touch' service facility in the United States which promises social distancing while still getting its cars the attention they require.

According to a report in Electrek, Tesla is ramping up its mobile service fleet in the United States and has also introduced its 'No Touch' service facility which negates the need for the owner of a vehicle to be present right next to it. The car can be remotely opened by the owner from absolutely anywhere to let a technician either look into the concerns or perform a regular service. Once done, the owner can once again lock the vehicle from any location.

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Tesla's move is expected to help owners get their concerns addressed without having to drive to service centers. The remote lock and unlock facility also allows them to maintain the required distance from service personnel as part of social distancing being increasingly advised the world over as a precaution against coronavirus. And while any ordinary remote lock also performs the same function, Tesla cars can be locked and unlocked using a mobile application from any part of the world.

A number of other car companies around the world have also begun offering either 'at-home service' or 'pick-and-drop' services. This is because footfall in service centers as well as in dealerships have come crashing down since the outbreak of coronavirus. Even in India, car sales have started sliding and service stations wear a deserted look owing to state-enforced lockdowns. Most OEMs have announced that maximum precaution is being taken to ensure the safety of not just customers but of employees as well with proper sanitisation procedures being followed in cars being repaired and even in new vehicles delivered or test drive vehicles.