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Tesla is bringing holiday cheer to gaming enthusiasts on the move with its latest software package reportedly packing in three in-car video games, among other highlights. The EV maker has long promised games on the main infotainment screen in its cars, a feature that is likely to become even more popular if and when fully autonomous cars become road legal.

US media reports, quoting leaked release notes in Norwegian language, have highlighted that the in-car games are a part of the latest software update. The games are The Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest and Kabal. And while these games may not be the high-end, graphics-crunching, visually stunning games available on PCs and gaming consoles, it is a sign of a start to bigger and better things to come. The games will reportedly be launched on Tesla Arcade.

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Adding games to its cars is one more way that Tesla possibly wants to distinguish itself from traditional automakers. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, CEO Elon Musk himself has stated that features like games and in-car video conference could be crucial in autonomous vehicles.

But not everyone is celebrating just yet.

Concerns over the safety of self-driving vehicles have also led to concerns over how much of a distraction in-car games could be for the driver even if he or she isn't the one playing. And while Tesla maintains that its camera and sensor-loaded cars will ensure safety is taken to a whole new level, it remains to be seen if cars indeed will negate the need for any human input at all.