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Carmakers around the world are increasingly transforming their line-up towards electric mobility. Pioneered by Tesla, these cars promise emission-free low-maintenance solution for private vehicle owners as well as commercial transportation. But one thing remains a challenge for these carmakers: a customer’s anxiety over the vehicle’s range given that charging infrastructure is not enough almost any where in the world.

But what if that concern is rendered redundant?

If the claims are true, a set of engineers working for the Australian company Brighsun New Energy have created lithium-sulfur batteries (Li-S), which will allow the production of electric vehicles with a range of up to 2000 kilometres on single charge.

On paper, that means this car can outrun all other electric cars, and even most of the cars with combustion engines.

The developers have already announced their readiness to begin industrial testing of the battery, the declared energy density of which exceeds the lithium-ion analogues by 5-7 times.

Independent studies have shown that the Brighsun energy storage device retains 91% of its original capacity after 1700 2C recharge cycles (full charge/discharge in 30 minutes). This means that the decrease in productivity per cycle is only 0.01%.

Such a long service life is a real record. Modern lithium-ion cells withstand from 500 to 1500 cycles (with a loss of about 10-20% of the initial capacity). Even more impressive is such a high rate with respect to lithium-sulfur batteries. Their longevity was a major obstacle to widespread adoption. For comparison: when 14 years ago other researchers started experiments with Li-S batteries, they reached a specific capacity of 300-350 Wh/kg per cell, but their endurance was only 60 full cycles.

Now the company, which has been working on its solution for eight years, is discussing with potential investors the mass production of Li-S batteries. It is expected that the process of setting up a large-scale enterprise for the production of new products will be completed before the end of this year, after which the commercial version of the battery will enter the market.

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The new Brighsun energy-efficient lithium-sulfur battery is expected to accelerate the proliferation of electric vehicles around the world, which will contribute to radically improved mileage characteristics from a single charge, low cost and long life.

According to the company, Li-S batteries can also become the most promising energy storage system, not only for electric vehicles of various types, but also for home renewable energy storage systems.