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Logo of Ford. (File photo)
Logo of Ford. (File photo)

Ford issues recall for Ford Explorer, F-150 Super Duty and Lincoln Aviator

  • This recall by Ford will affect more than 8 lakh vehicles and the majority of them comprises Ford Explorer.

  • The 2020-2021 Lincoln Aviator has a cable wire harness issue which can lead to a short-circuit and potential fire.

Ford has announced a recall that will affect more than 8,00,000 vehicles and the majority of them constitutes of the previous-generation Ford Explorer. About 774,696 Explorer models manufactured from 2013 to 2017 have been recalled. Ford has also recalled the F-350 Super Duty and the Lincoln Aviator.

As per the American carmaker, a seized cross-axis ball joint could be the cause of the fracture of the rear suspension toe link in the Explorer. It is being said that the seized ball joint could cause a clanking noise, or lead to a misaligned rear wheel. A fracture in the rear toe link could be a reason to lessen steer control that can lead to a crash. According to a report, Ford has said that it knows of six incidents that happened allegedly due to this issue. Ford has informed that it will start informing owners next month around August 23.

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The 2020 and 2021 Ford F-150 Super Duty pickups are also getting recalled due to an issue with a weld on the rear axle housing and spring seats. The rear driveline can get disconnected in the affected vehicles. Around 35,000 pickups with a 6.7-litre engine with a single rear wheel axle will be recalled. The automaker has said that currently, it is not aware of any accidents or injuries that have taken place due to this issue. Ford will notify the owners by August 16.

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Around 41,000 select 2020-2021 Lincoln Aviator models are also being recalled due to an improperly secured cable wire harness. These crossovers come with 3.0-litre gas engines. As per Ford, the harness may come in contact with the A/C compressor pulley and over time could rub through the harness. This could lead to a short circuit or fire. The automaker will start informing the owners by July 30. Ford and Lincoln dealers will take the necessary steps to fix the issue.

  • First Published Date : 17 Jul 2021, 06:00 PM IST