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SUVs are finding an increasing number of buyers in India.
SUVs are finding an increasing number of buyers in India.

Sedans or SUVs: What would be most suitable to buy this festive season

  • SUVs offer more practicality on rough and patchy roads.

  • Sedans come offering more control over the car, looks more planted on roads.

Both SUVs and sedans have their own appeal. However, while buying a new car, consumers often face the dilemma of whether to choose a sedan or an SUV. Indian auto market has been traditionally known for its high demand for small compact cars or hatchbacks.

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However, with the influx of a wide range of new models in the domestic passenger vehicle market and globalisation, consumer preferences are changing.

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Modern young generation consumers are focusing more on premium cars instead of basic entry-level models. Also, keeping pace with the global trend, SUVs are finding more takers in the Indian market. Cars are not anymore just a medium of commuting, but a lifestyle statement.

The go-anywhere capability with a higher power is boosting the appeal of SUVs. Patchy roads, monsoon are crucial factors that are also aiding fuelling demand for SUVs.

Sedans, on the other hand, look classy and offer ample comfort and enjoyable handling. Sedans come as the perfect option for regular driving on unchallenging city roads. People who aim to upgrade from hatchback, majorly opt for sedans.

Both SUVs and sedans come with their respective pros and cons. With festive season nearing what should you buy? Here are few tips.

Sedans come comparatively cheaper than their SUV counterparts.
Sedans come comparatively cheaper than their SUV counterparts.

Money matters

SUVs are pricier than sedans. The SUVs come loaded with various features and technology that are required for off-roading tasks. These are not available in sedans. Hence, traditionally, SUVs are more costly than sedans. If you are on a tight budget, feel free to think about a sedan.

Practicality is most important

Choosing a car should be defined based on the practicality and requirement of the consumer. If you intend to use the vehicle for regular commuting in and around the city and are not keen to take your vehicle on highways, a sedan might be a perfect fit for your garage. If you have an adrenaline junkie inside and feel the rush to take out your vehicle on highways and hit the pedal to the floor, SUV can be your choice.

If your regular route includes rough and patchy roads, then an SUV is a better choice than a sedan. If you are looking for a safer family car without bothering much about the budget, then SUV should be the perfect fit.

Dimensionally, SUVs are taller than sedans, resulting in more space and comfort for the occupants. SUVs also offer more storage capacity for luggage. Better ground clearance offers a higher centre of gravity to SUVs, which impacts high-speed stability. Also, SUVs offer a high-seating stance, ensuring a better view of the road ahead. The lower seating and low centre of gravity make sedans better planted on roads and offer better cornering capability.

SUVs drink more fuel than their sedan counterparts. This is due to the more powerful engines under the hood of SUVs. The sedans usually are available in both petrol and diesel engine options, while SUVs come generally with diesel engines in India.

A safer car is a better car

Safety is becoming the paramount concern for many consumers who seek to buy a car for their family. When it comes to safety, both SUVs and sedans have their equal share of the pie. SUVs are built in a rugged and strong manner ensuring better structural rigidity. Sedans come with a long engine bay and extended boot space as well, which act as buffers in case of minor impacts.

The SUVs come with better wading capabilities compared to sedans, thanks to their higher ground clearance. It becomes easy to tackle the flooded and patchy roads with an SUV than a sedan.

  • First Published Date : 06 Oct 2021, 05:57 PM IST