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Lexus may have some distance to cover before it hopes to catch up with rivals in the field of electric mobility but its upcoming e-SUV could act as a catapult of sorts to power it ahead. The car maker recently gave the slightest of glimpses at the product which will have an all-new drivetrain.

At a time when car makers - mass market as well as those in the luxury and performance space - have been racing to roll out electric offerings, there hasn't been much noise in this regard in the Lexus camp. This despite the fact that it is the premium car makers that are showing the way forward. And yet, Lexus could well storm the global markets with its electric SUV that is being touted to boast of a new 'Direct4' drivetrain technology.

Lexus states that the Direct4 drivetrain is at the core of its electrification strategy for both hybrid as well as all-electric vehicles. This system provides instant electric control to all four wheels for an enhanced performance. "Its operation is intuitive and highly responsive, giving the driver a genuine sense of being fully connected with the vehicle. Moreover, it provides an ideal balance of predictability and excitement, with powerful, linear acceleration and exhilarating cornering," the company highlights. "At the same time, the system is engineered for quietness and comfort, true to Lexus’ DNA."

It is reported that this technology will be first utilized in an electric SUV that Lexus is preparing for a launch, before making its way into subsequent battery-powered products. And while the car maker has not announced a launch date for its e-SUV yet, it is expected that it could well be as early as 2021.

Lexus and Toyota, its parent company, are only now starting to make some noise in the EV field with Toyota also announcing its plans to drive in an electric SUV in the times to come. The two offerings from the two companies could well hold a lot of potential in markets where they are eventually brought