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Chinese car manufacturer Haval has unveiled its new off-road SUV model, the new DaGou. The official name of the SUV literally translates to Big Dog. The company aims to position the vehicle as an 'urban SUV and a hardcore off-road vehicle'.

The HAV Big Dog model will attract attention with its design, which also has a retro appeal to it. The front appears a bit boxy in shape, quite different from the coupe-type SUVs that have become sort of a trend in recent years.

On the sides are black aluminium all-terrain wheels, and roof rails ideal for outdoor use. The design at the rear adopts a unique inverted L-shaped taillamp, equipped with a plastic bumper with a rear skid plate.

The wheelbase, measuring 2,738 mm, makes it bigger than the new Toyota RAV4. The minimum ground clearance is 200mm, which is quite adequate to take out the vehicle for off-road use.

On the inside, the Haval Big Dog SUV gets orange accents scattered all over the cabin. The interior of the SUV gets distinct styling cues. Noteworthy is the lack of a conventional gearshift lever or joystick. Instead there is a rotating dial to control the vehicle on different tarmacs.

Orange accents dominates the interior design of the new Haval Big Dog SUV.
Orange accents dominates the interior design of the new Haval Big Dog SUV.

It appears that two engines will be offered under the hood of Big Dog. In the first package, while the 1.5-litre machine, which produces 168 horsepower and 285 Nm of torque, stands out, the second option is the 2.0 litre that produces 221 horsepower and 385 Nm of torque.

There are no more details available about the new Haval Big Dog SUV. But based on what is already revealed, the SUV is likely to take on other big off-road SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser.