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File photo used for representational purpose. (AFP)
File photo used for representational purpose. (AFP)

Ford takes plans of small pickup to production, has eyes set on young buyers

  • Ford is looking at reviving compact pickups which previously made way for large and imposing vehicles.

  • The idea is believed to be making pickups more affordable and Ford may be targeting youngsters with its next model.

Ford Motor Company has commenced production of its upcoming pickup that is smaller than most of its other SUVs and pickups, and will be more affordable. With plans of focusing on young car buyers in the US and looking to make the most of the general preference towards the SUV body shape, the American car maker is hoping that this particular model is a hit with the younger audience.

US media reported that Ford had started production of this particular pickup at its plant in New Mexico's Hermosillo. These reports also suggest that the vehicle will be a smaller pickup than the company's hot-selling F-150 while also being more affordable.

While the F-150 does dominate the pickup space in the US market, the new pickup from Ford could also appeal to a wider set of car-buying audience. This is because there is a clear leaning for pickup trucks at a time when buyers also may be more price sensitive than before. The Covid-19 pandemic has had financial implications for many families and while personal mobility options are being increasingly preferred, the cost of investment into a new vehicle is also a crucial aspect of buying the vehicle. "We have some extremely affordable products coming in North America that will help us grow profitably," Ford CEO Jim Farley had said last October.

As such, reports now suggest that Ford's next offering could be priced at around $22,000 and could well be an option for those living within city limits.

While SUVs and pickups are indeed the go-to options, Ford is also working overtime in the EV space and already has the Mach-e in several markets around the world. The Mach-e is a performance EV that is looking to marry battery power with the SUV form factor to appeal to a larger audience

  • First Published Date : 05 Mar 2021, 09:09 AM IST