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Apart from being an affordable off-road machine, the Mahindra Thar has also made its name for being a very modification friendly SUV. Its hard-core ADV looks thanks to the design elements such as flat-bonnet, circular headlamps, side-hinged rear door and flared-up wheel arches give it a muscular appeal. Moreover, Mahindra is also planning on to introduce the second-gen model very soon which will look even more intimidating than the current-gen Thar.

While you must have seen some very extreme mod-jobs done on the Thar in the past. But this 'Thar 6x6' made by a Punjab based modification house named 'SD Offroaders' is as wild as it gets.

The customisation firm's out of the box approach has successfully turned a simple Mahindra Thar into an outlandish off-roader.

HT Auto personally reached out to the firm to get answers to all the questions about this mod-job.

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Is it really a 6x6?

The 6x6 in its name is just to make it sound exciting and it is basically a 4x6 vehicle, the rear-axle is added only for the support of the rear two wheels. The torque is delivered to the front four wheels, and the rear set-up is merely a carriage. It is the most common form of drivetrain for semi-tractors and heavy haul fixed-chassis cargo trucks.

Custom-made Mahindra Thar, Image Courtesy: SD Offroaders Nakodar
Custom-made Mahindra Thar, Image Courtesy: SD Offroaders Nakodar

Is it legal to drive on the road?

No, until you have the RTO's permission.

How much does it costs to get one?

If you already have a Thar in your garage and want the exact same replica of this. You'll have to shell out close to 9 lakh to 10 lakh. On the other hand, if you don't have a vehicle to give for customisation, the specific unit seen in the pictures will costs you around 14 lakh.

How much time does it takes to build one?

Depending up on the requirement, it take around 2-3 months.

What else will you get along with an extended body?

For starters, the cabin will get a complete makeover in-sync with the exterior paint scheme. Apart from this, the stock tyres would be replaced with adventure knobby set of tyres shod-on to the extreme looking alloys.

Custom-made Mahindra Thar's interiors, Image Courtesy: SD Offroaders Nakodar
Custom-made Mahindra Thar's interiors, Image Courtesy: SD Offroaders Nakodar

Is there any engine modification?

No, there is no other mechanical update done on the SUV and the engine remains untouched.