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The production and launch of the new electric Hummer may have been delayed by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. But General Motors has kept enthusiasts busy with key updates about the upcoming SUV.

The company has now released further details about the Hummer EV. The zero-emissions, zero-limits GMC Hummer EV features easily removable roof panels to provide a unique open-air experience.

A series of photos and video reveals the open-air roof and the 1,000 hp GMC Hummer EV badging. The open-air roof seems to have removable panels which can transform the hard-top vehicle into an open-roof vehicle. However, not much detail is revealed about the functionality of the roof or how one opens and shuts it.

Such removable roof panels can only be seen Jeep Wrangler which comes with this option. A removable roof panel means that Hummer EV will have ample space at the rear to store such a large single roof piece during a journey.

Apart from this, there is little technical details about the Hummer EV. All that the company has confirmed is that it will be powered by 1000-hp electric motor, will generate 11,500 pounds of torque and will be able to hit zero to 60 mph in just 3 seconds.

The company has also confirmed that the new generation Hummer EV will have highly advanced batteries developed at their battery lab in Warren, Michigan, a battery-electric chassis that will provide optimal range, ride, and handling, and a new digital vehicle platform that will provide the bandwidth and connectivity to support most sophisticated electric propulsion systems and active safety systems.

The Hummer, which was first marketed in 1992 and then pulled out from the market in 2008 following questions over its viability after the economic slowdown, is making a comeback, albeit with some 'thunderous' modifications.

General Motors told suppliers last month that it has to postpone work on the Hummer EV, among its half a dozen future models, to conserve cash during the coronavirus pandemic. The Hummer EV was earlier scheduled to be launched in April this year. But now there is uncertainty over dates when the production will start for this electric vehicle.

Till then, Hummer enthusiasts will have to wait.