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Ford Mustangs have a history of crashing more regularly than most other pony cars. And it comes as no surprise that a Mustang slammed into a light pole while performing donuts in an open parking lot.

In a video posted on Facebook by a Mustang owner present in the parking area, a bright red Mustang GT driver can be seen spinning his pony car in tight circles with a seemingly good control on the vehicle. “Went out to one of my favourite parking garages for rollers and pictures... when all of the sudden a dude with a 5.0 shows up and starts doing donuts," wrote Brandon Calderon on his social media post.

While showing off his abilities to perform the stunt, the Mustang GT driver successfully threads together a couple of donuts. However, as ambition takes over, he eventually slams head on with a concrete light pole with a thud.

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As clearly visible in the video, the hood of the Mustang GT was been bent upwards on impact and apparently the front bumper and headlights of the car have been damaged too. "This is why Mustangs get a bad rep...," wrote Calderon.

It is not known if the driver performing the stunts faced any injuries or what was the cost involved in getting the Mustang repaired.