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The Volvo bus converted into a house. ( Instagram/doubledeckerhome )
The Volvo bus converted into a house. ( Instagram/doubledeckerhome )

This retired double-decker bus is now a two-story home

  • A couple converted a Volvo bus that is no longer in use into their home. It is located in Essex.

  • Around $21,000 has been invested to convert the bus into a full-fledged working home.

Motorhomes or recreational vehicles are common but when a discarded double-decker gets turned into a home, it is worth the mention. A couple has converted a Volvo two-story bus into their safe haven.

According to MyJournal.com, Luke Walker and Charlie MacVicar found a double-decker bus that was no longer in use and bought it for $3,500 and started to convert it into a full-fledged working house.

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The bus which has got a classic look of a London double-decker bus features a large stovepipe at the rear. The first floor of the bus sports a kitchen with a dining table and front-load washing machine that has been neatly fit into the counter space. The far end of it has been converted into a living room which also includes a wood-burning stove. A half-bathroom fitted with a toilet and sink has been nestled in the middle and the rest of the space has been kept vacant which makes it spacious for the users.

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The couple has set up a full-size bathtub on the second floor in their bedroom which looks onto the scenic outdoors. The bedroom has custom-made items of furniture which are ergonomic in nature. The floors and walls have been reconstructed to maintain a neutral look. Multiple windows create the much-needed openness for the room. The bus does not come with any special insulation hence it can get cold or warm depending on the weather.

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This home bus is located in Essex and it is powered by a standard power grid. It also has the facilities of water and natural gas that make life easier for Walker and MacVicar. They have invested around $21,000 to create the home of their dreams and can also take it for a ride if they wish to.

  • First Published Date : 02 Oct 2021, 05:01 PM IST