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Electric food truck by Eride E-mobility
Electric food truck by Eride E-mobility

This Hyderabad e-vehicle company makes electric vehicles for doorstep delivery

  • The Hyderabad e-vehicle company has made electric vehicles for e-commerce companies for delivery purposes, vegetables and fruits and meat, among others.

A Hyderabad-based electric vehicle manufacturing company is focusing on boosting opportunities of livelihood for the people by making vehicles that can be used for doorstep bulk delivery.

The vehicles made by 'Eride E-mobility' provides a big push to the earning capacities of the people who use them as apart from being affordable they also have very low operating and maintenance costs.

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Speaking about the initiative, the company's founder, Davender Reddy, said "Due to the current situation of the pandemic, we have observed a change in the way in which people are buying and socializing. The purchasing pattern has changed from going to markets and shops to ordering them online and getting them delivered at the doorstep. So there has been an increase in demand for delivery vehicles all across the country."

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Reddy said that before starting the company, he had traveled across several districts in Telangana to take note of the public's demand and termed the growth of the company "slow, but organic."

"We have been creating vehicles based on the demands of the companies or our clients. We mostly concentrate on the load up vehicles like delivery and on-wheel markets. We have manufactured electric vehicles for E-commerce companies for delivering purposes, then meat on wheels, electric vehicles for vegetables and fruits, we have created dairy on wheels and library on wheels," Reddy said.

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The company also recently had a tie-up with the Telangana State Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited and other companies for the supply of vehicles.

Reddy further said his dream project is to launch 'She-rickshaws' in Hyderabad, and other parts of the country.

He said that apart from being taught how to drive these vehicles, women will also be given training on service level maintenance of the vehicles and those on self-defense.

Speaking about the future of the e-vehicles and the company, Reddy said, "We have seen a lot of awareness amongst people towards the environment lately and most of them are even trying to go green, post the pandemic."

"We would like to expand this to SAARC nations and African countries as well," he added.

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  • First Published Date : 18 Oct 2020, 11:51 AM IST