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For first responder paramedics, reaching a patient as quickly as possible despite the traffic density, is a crucial task. In heavily populated countries with busy roads, nothing cuts through the traffic like a bicycle. So what's better than an e-bike ambulance? In fact, such first responder vehicles may be just what India's cramped roads need.

Tech firm Wunderman Thompson Paris has partnered with French e-mobility company Ecox Enterprises and electric bicycle manufacturer Urban Arrow to produce electric bicycles to assist first responders in reaching patients as quickly as possible. This has been done under the guidance of the Paris Emergency Services (UMP).

The Urban Arrow front-loader electric bike used for this purpose is powered by Bosch mid-drive motor which uses two 500Wh batteries, offering a range of 160 km on a single charge from the pedal assisted e-bike system.

The bike uses two wheels, rather than the more common three-wheel setup usually seen in cargo vehicles, which helps it maneuver through tough traffic situations with relative ease.

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An insulated 150 liter (5.3 cubic feet) cargo box is attached to the bike to carry critical first-aid supplies. Other ambulance-related attachments are a 140-decibel horn, blue medical symbols within the wheels and a blue flashing light to alert motorists about the bike's emergency vehicle status.

As per Wunderman Thompson,The e-bikes are currently available for use by emergency services and a local doctor in Paris has even purchased one of them for emergency situations.