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Rolls-Royce has added new features and functions to its digital platform Whispers - an app that caters to the needs of its global clients. The upgrades include in-App live video function, extension of membership to partners of owners and an option to exhibit their collections in the virtual community.

Considering the current restrictions imposed due to coronavirus, Rolls-Royce clients were unable to visit the Home of Rolls-Royce for their issues or needs. Thus, integration of face-to-face video interactions on the Whispers app allows the clients to maintain an even closer contact with the carmaker's executives, designers and craftspeople. A community messaging function was already available for written dialogue between clients and executives.

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The video call feature also gives the clients an opportunity to view their motor car live on the production line at the factory and witness the ‘marriage’ between the car's powertrain and chassis, or the fitting of the Spirit of Ecstasy. Customers can also define the materials and colours of the car via video calls while closely envisioning the customization process. "Whispers acts as a gateway for clients to immerse themselves in a digital world of luxury... (and helps) maintain direct and personal contact with customers... despite the limitations of coronavirus," says Verena Masters, Head of Whispers, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Another upgrade on the digital app includes extension of the membership to the Rolls-Royce owners' partners, providing a more holistic access to the family.

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The members of the Whispers application can now also virtually exhibit their automotive collections in the community of fellow Rolls-Royce clients. They can also search fellow members by name, location and even by car and connect with local, like-minded members.