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The Gurugram based EV maker, Okinawa Autotech has announced that it plans to expand its dealership count from current 350 plus to over 500 by end-FY2021. Apart from targeting the primary dealers, Okinawa is also eyeing sub-dealers for its expansion plans.

The company said in a recent press release that it would be primarily targeting cities in the states of Bihar, Maharashtra, Assam and eastern region.

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“There is no doubt that it will take a little time for the market to pick up. While the things gradually return to normalcy, we plan to grow ourselves across the country to serve the customers better. As the Covid-19 curve flats, there will be a demand for private vehicles. Given the fact that electric vehicles are economically more viable in the longer run, people would want to opt for it. We are spreading our wings to provide our customers across the cities with easy availability of the products and services," said Jeetender Sharma- MD and Founder, Okinawa.

Recently Okinawa has also announced a hike in dealership margins from 8% to 11%, in order to support its dealer partners amidst the Covid-19 spread.

The company says that its dealerships have been operating at limited manpower and in accordance with the latest advisory issued by the brand. At only about 30% operational dealerships, Okinawa delivered over 1,000 vehicles within a month of resuming operations post the lockdown. The company also dispatched more than 1200 units of e-scooters in the 1st month of operations after the lockdown was eased.

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Okinawa has been the leading e-scooter seller in FY2020. It is also the only electric vehicle maker to have jumped the 10,000 e-scooter sales in the country.