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The electric two-wheeler maker Okinawa on Thursday announced that it has sold over 1,000 scooters under a month of resuming operations since the government eased lockdown in May.

Okinawa resumed dealership operations on May 11 with only 25% workforce and achieved these sales figures while only 70% of its 350 retail outlets were operational across the country. Okinawa said in a statement that it has also dispatched more than 1200 units of e-scooters in the 1st month of operations post lockdown.

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“We have witnessed a good demand in the market for Electric scooters. We have retailed over 1000 electric scooters despite limited dealerships operational during the current COVID 19 outbreak. This has indeed encouraged us, as we understand that the market is gaining its strength back," said Jeetender Sharma- MD, Okinawa.

As per a press release sent by the company on Thursday, Okinawa has been the leader in electric scooter sales in FY2020. It is also the only EV maker to have jumped the 10,000 e-scooter sales in India.

“We also anticipate that, due to COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of people would want to avoid using public transport, which might increase the demand of new vehicles for personal mobility. With the increasing awareness around the economic viability of electric vehicles, we might witness a sharp inclination towards EVs among the buyers," Sharma added.

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The company declared in April that it has decided to raise the dealer margin from 8% to 11% and extend the dealer profitability. Okinawa has recently announced the launch of new custom hand painting service for its battery powered scooters.