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Jaguar Land Rover said on Monday its retail sales for the quarter ending September 30 totalled 113,569 vehicles, up over 50 per cent from 74,067 in the prior quarter while down 11.9 per cent from pre-Covid levels a year ago.

Retail sales for other regions also significantly improved from the prior quarter, including the UK (plus 231.6 per cent), Europe (plus 78.8 per cent), North America (plus 21.3 per cent) and overseas (plus 35.1 per cent).

However, sales in these regions have not yet recovered to pre-Covid levels a year ago: UK (minus 2.9 per cent), North America (minus 15.8 per cent), Europe (minus 19.8 per cent) and overseas markets (minus 30.3 per cent).

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Almost all of Jaguar Land Rover's retailers worldwide are now open or partially open. The company's plants have resumed production with robust protocol and guidelines to ensure that effective social distancing, hygiene and health monitoring measures are in place, and all sites are Covid-19 secure.

"The recovery has been demand-led and we are delighted that we have been able to reduce stocks to achieve ideal levels in most markets, despite the ongoing pandemic, to support a healthier and more profitable business for Jaguar Land Rover and its retailers," said Felix Brautigam, Jaguar Land Rover's Chief Commercial Officer.