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Professional athletes almost always end up celebrating passionately after securing victories. This is more so in the demanding world of mixed martial arts. But while celebrating after his triumph on Saturday night came naturally to UFC fighter Beneil Dariush, he would go on to call out Tesla and CEO Elon Musk over a delay in a Tesla vehicle he had previously booked.

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Using the pay-per-view event as a platform, Dariush came out strongly about a particular Tesla for his wife that was reportedly suffering delays in delivery. "Elon, Elon Musk. Where's my wife's car bro. I have been waiting six months. I have had a baby. I need a good car," he announced. "I got to protect my daughter. Let's go Elon, get me my car."

Dariush, an Iranian-born American professional mixed martial athlete, made the call-out just moments after defeating Tony Ferguson, outclassing him in each of the three rounds. But the fact that he would eventually choose to point out the delay in delivery of his Tesla would get as much attention as the win in the ring itself.

Interestingly, Musk took to Twitter to respond to the fighter. "Coming soon. Sorry for the delay!," he wrote.

Even more interestingly, it was later pointed out to Dariush that Musk may be his boss in an indirect way because the Tesla CEO has found a place on the board of Endeavor Group, the parent company of UFC. It is reported that the fighter wasn't aware of this but once he was, remained determined to get his delayed car as soon as possible.

It isn't known which Tesla model Dariush had ordered for but a delay since December could indeed be a real-world problem for many. Model S and Model X, in particular, have suffered delays since January.