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A teenage Audi driver in the UK allegedly crashed into the front porch of a house and then drove off with the collapsed door stuck in the windshield of the luxury vehicle.

The unnamed 18-year-old continued driving for several metres with the front door still attached to car, as per the West Yorkshire Police. Before crashing into the house, the Audi had collided with another vehicle nearby. The incident took place in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire on Friday night.

The teenager has been arrested on the suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. He sustained head injuries and was rushed to a hospital, as reported by The Sun. However, the injuries are reportedly not serious.

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An image of the incident was tweeted by the West Yorkshire Police- Roads Policing Unit. "Driver collided with a vehicle, then the front porch of a house - before then continuing to drive for several metres with front door attached to car. Driver arrested suspected unfit through drink/drugs," the caption of the tweet read.

The Twitter post sparked a series of reactions such as 'One less Audi on the roads to harass others' and 'Knock knock. Who’s there? Audi. Audi who? Audi open your door?'.

One other Twitterati commented, "By the way, what is it with Audi drivers? Every bad driving incident i have seen in the past few months has been an Audi."